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Facebook Surgery

You've probably seen how some non-profits are raising five or six figure sums from Facebook every year. But when it comes to getting your account to just work, it's like trying to wrestle an eel into a jam jar. 

Here are some issues I've heard over and over:

  • "Our account got hacked and Facebook won't restore access to our page."
  • "Our ads used to make more than we paid for them. In the last few weeks the cost has gone up and up and we're no longer getting any donations. What's going on??"
  • "Somebody else has got control of my Business Manager account and I can't get in to run any ads." 
  • "A member of staff left and took everything with them so we can't advertise to any of our old audiences or access the Page."
  • "I tried to speak to Facebook support but we just went round in circles and I still can't fix my issue."
  • "Facebook keeps disapproving my ads and I don't know why."
  • "How do I get a donate button for our Page?"
Like you, I've struggled to make sense of the Facebook interface. I started running ads for clients on Facebook, starting with UNICEF, in 2008. It seemed like every year they would change it and I had to start over, relearning what worked and what didn't. 
Over the past few years, as problems with Facebook have spiralled, we've helped dozens of clients fix their issues. We've learned through trial and error how to crack all sorts of problems - from common pitfalls to weird rare ones.

Here are some of the organisations we've helped:

So here's the promise -

you give us £95 (plus VAT) and an hour on Zoom. We show you the steps you can take to fix your issue, or your money back. 

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