How your charity can get more unrestricted income - week in, week out...

LearnĀ the latest way toĀ bring queues of excited donors to your doors - within weeksĀ -Ā through Values-Driven Fundraising. Discover how you can grow yourĀ supporter base without poverty porn, emotional pressure or guilt trips.

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Rachel Collinson, Donor Whisperer

Successful collaborations include:

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“Everything's exploded since the team started working with you. We've gone from net loss of donors to net gain. We've recruited loads of new people and got lots of campaign actions.”


Mary Milne, Traidcraft Exchange


How to create an irresistible lure that will draw in hundreds of new donors or sign-ups in 5 hours  

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Rachel Collinson, Donor Whisperer

Who is the Donor Whisperer?

For the last 20 years, I've worked with non-profits all over the world, from Costa Rica to Australia, and Canada to Switzerland.

Due to the demand for my time, I have chosen to work only with certain nonprofits who share my values and match other criteria. 

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Rachel Collinson, Donor Whisperer