Discover the 5 simple shifts that will bring you hundreds of new donors or activists in 12 weeks 

(Even if your email list is shrinking or already small.)

I'm going to show you...

  • A simple, repeatable process to secure the future of your non-profit without taking a 5 or 6-figure gamble on a fundraising agency;
  • How you can become self-sustaining, without having to rely on one supplier, risking a fatal outcome to your non-profit if they disappear overnight;
  • Why buying lists of donor or activist prospects should be a last resort - and the better plan that builds long-term loyalty quickly;
  • Why focus groups for prospect research are misleading - and the cutting edge tactic to use instead which is not only cheaper and more accurate but gets results in one tenth of the time;
  • How you can conquer your fear of trolls, by harnessing their power, while preserving your mental health;
  • AND... how to do all of this while being true to your values, without taking people on guilt trips.

​​​​​​What other clients have to say...

Mary Milne
Traidcraft Exchange

“Everything's exploded since the team started working with you. We've gone from net loss of donors to net gain. We've recruited loads of new people and got lots of campaign actions.”

Robert Palmer
Tax Justice UK

"By going through your program we've already met what we raised last year in 5 months and 8k came for the Fundraiser we did in September-October."

Tom Shelton
Humanity & Inclusion

“...the best course I've ever been on since joining HI.”

Rachel Collinson

Rachel is known as the Donor Whisperer. For the last 20 years, she's worked with non-profits all over the world, from Costa Rica to Australia, and Canada to Switzerland. Her clients include Oxfam, Greenpeace, Save the Children and Age UK.